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The Birds Project

Theodore Albert “Ted” Parker III (April 1, 1953 – August 3, 1993) was an American ornithologist who specialized in the Neotropics. He was widely considered the finest field birder / ornithologist that the world had ever seen. There is only association by name, but this association has got me one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

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Caffènation Amsterdam

Caffènation Amsterdam is run by my friend Bert. Bert is a damn fine barista and a crazy as shit human being. And for this december month you can buy some original Ted pieces over there too. Adress: Warmondstraat 120, 1058 KZ Amsterdam


Curated Plate

Sad to learn that Curated has pulled the plug on their endeavours. Had a blast creating this plate. Joachim Baan was the curator on this project. The ScaredyCat design was by me.  

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Crazy Monkey Yoga

In collaboration with …staat creative agency  I developed a series of small drawings used for the website of Crazy Monkey Yoga. A new Amsterdam-based Yoga Hotspot.  


Likeminds playing ‘Las Vegas’

Two of my images were used by Bas Koopmans in creating a poster for the theatreproduction ‘Las Vegas’. It’s a play loosely based on Leaving Las Vegas by Likeminds, an Amsterdam-based collective of theatre-makers.

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In collaboration with Fontanel’s founding fathers Willem Van Roosmalen and Thomas Moes I developed a character in a series of images they used in their new recruitment-tool: